You may outgrow the acne, but what about the scars? Whether your scars are the result of adult acne or reminders of acne in your youth, this natural acne scar removal shoothes redness, helps prevent breakouts, heals acne scars and renews confidence daily.

Before MediScar

After 6 weeks

I came to New York to pursue acting but by 23, I still hadn't outgrown acne. I've been using MediScar as a moisturizer and have finally found a product that works! Not only do I get compliments on having amazing skin, I'm also getting parts!
Michael H.

My cheeks, nose and forehead were always red and broken out. I started using MediScar twice a day and couldn't believe the difference. After about 8 weeks my acne was cleared up and the redness was gone!
Brian C.

Before using MediScar, I had acne scars my whole life! I'm delighted with the results! It also improved my dry, oily, flaky skin and made my face feel smoother and tighter.
Larry W.

Be confident! Say so long to embarassment.
Use a natural acne scar treatment.
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