A doctor-recommended, patented scar treatment that dramatically improves the look of scarring caused by acne, bums, cuts, bruises, keloids(raised hypertrophic scars), chemotherapy, psoriasis, stretch marks, lacerations and surgery. It also helps skin retain the moisture it needs to relieve dryness on contact. MediScar is so gentle and effective, it even works on baby's skin.

"Now, scars from burns, accidents and surgery, which used to require months -or even years- to loose their red, rough, elevated appearance, fade away in an amazingly short time, leaving visually no scarring at all. I regularly recommend MediScar to my patients, and I recommend it to you. The results are spectacular!"

Eric S. Berger MD
American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery
Fellow, American Board Anti-Aging Medicine

MediScar is a revolutionary scar treatment that infuses nature's best healers - Plantago, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Arnica - deeply into the skin to visibly heal old scars, recent scars and stubborn keloids. This natural healer works on people of all ages and skin types. It's so gentle, potent and pure, it even works on pets.

MediScar is so deeply effective, at getting rid of scars, it helps smooth away the look of lines and wrinkles for a fresh, youthful appearance.

  • All Natural
  • Non Comedogenic
  • Oil Free
  • Paraben-Free
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The trauma may be over in minutes -
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All-Natural . Paraben-Free