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Q What is MediScar?
A MediScar is a natural scar treatment made from a powerful combination of the finest, purest, most natural ingredients for healing, moisturizing, soothing, smoothing and protecting the skin.

Q How does MediScar work?
A MediScar is absorbed into the skin. Its natural ingredients aid in the healing and skin smoothing process, acting as an anti-inflammatory and a protective moisturizer.

Q Who can use MediScar?
A MediScar is useful for all age groups, all skin types, and all types of dermal scarring and wrinkling. Of course, you should try a small spot test to determine if you are allergic to it. We haven’t seen evidence of that as of yet, but different people do react differently to different substances.

Q When should I begin using MediScar?
A Once the wound is fully closed and/or your stitches are removed.

Q How often do I use MediScar?
A Two to three times a day is recommended. Simply rub a small amount to the scar or wrinkled area.

Q How long before I will see results?
A In most cases, MediScar helps visibly reduce redness immediately. In some cases, scars become diminished dramatically in as early as three days. In other cases, more time is required before noticeable results are achieved.

Q Is MediScar FDA approved?
A MediScar is an all-natural product and makes no drug claims under the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration. Thus, it needs no FDA approval.

Q Does MediScar work as a surgical scar treatment?
A Yes. Our results show that MediScar is effective as a surgical scar treatment. The more quickly you begin using MediScar, the more effective it will be. You should begin use as soon as the wound is full closed and/or your stitches are removed.

Q Does MediScar work on old scars?
A Yes, as long as your scar is still a pinkish/purplish color you can expect to see visible improvement. If your scar has turned white, the healing process is probably complete and MediScar may not be helpful but it won’t hurt to try.

Q Is MediScar effective on stretch marks?
A Yes, our results show that MediScar is effective on stretch marks, scars, and wrinkles.

Q Is MediScar safe to use around the eyes?
A Yes, but you should always be careful not to get it into eyes. MediScar is gentle enough for the external eye areas and can improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Q Is MediScar effective for acne scar removal?
A MediScar is effective for acne scar removal. You may see results in as little as three days. In other cases, more time is required before noticeable results are achieved.

Q What is a keloid?
A It is a hypertrophic raised scar. It is thick, often still pinkish and or purple and has been known to be a genetic trait. Application of MediScar ointment can help to reduce the height and thickness of keloids.

Q Can I use MediScar on psoriasis?
A Yes, MediScar can be used as a cream for dry skin and to sooth dry skin irritations. Mediscar helps to stop the itch of scabs, psoriasis, bee stings and mosquito bites.

Q Do I need to use a band-aid over MediScar?
A In most cases it is not necessary. MediScar absorbs into the skin and leaves a moisture barrier on top. The cotton pad of the band-aid may absorb some of the moisturizers in the MediScar ointment and affect its efficacy; however in some injuries and locations, the area may need the extra protection afforded by a band-aid.

Q When can I apply MediScar to kitchen burns?
A You can apply MediScar on a new or an old burn. MediScar has been known to help sooth the pain as well as reduce the redness of burns. If it is a second or third degree burn, you should consult your physician.

Q Can MediScar be used on sunburns?
A Yes, MediScar ointment has been used for reducing the pain and redness of sunburns and also helps relieve dry peeling skin as a consequence of sunburn.

Q Can MediScar help the look of old scars?
A Yes, MediScar helps scars as old as 10 to 20 years as long as they are a pinkish, purple or a keloid at the time of original application. The healing process may be longer on older scars and require more applications and time, but many old scars are visibly reduced by the application of MediScar.

Q Is MediScar safe for children?
A Yes, MediScar’s ingredients comprise the purest, finest, most natural ingredients. The tender skin of children and young adults who have used MediScar have responded very well to its use.

Q Is possible to be allergic to MediScar?
A It is recommended when using any topical cream to test a small hidden area on your own skin prior to use. Please refer to the ingredient list.

Q Has MediScar been tested?
A Yes, repeat patch tests of human subjects have shown substantially zero adverse reactions. All testimonials and before and after photos are un-retouched and authentic.

Q Has the testing been done on non-human animals?
A MediScar has done no animal testing however, MediScar visibly healed a case of “kitty acne” in three days when veterinary-based drugs first failed. In addition, the natural ingredients contained within MediScar were apparently not harmful to the cat when directly ingested as a consequence of persistent licking.

MediScar is so deeply effective, at getting rid of scars, it helps smooth away the look of lines and wrinkles for a fresh, youthful appearance.

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